It's not just good,

it's good enough.

Isn't it time to celebrate being you?

Let’s not try to fit in, let’s just belong. We owe it to ourselves to embrace who we are and to give respect to those around us for having the courage to do the same.

You’re not just good baby, you’re good enough!

Adequate Vodka

Introducing your new “go-to” when it’s time to keep things real.
It’s been said that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.
Well, we stand for you and we stand by you; whether you’re celebrating everyday moments, or refusing to let one of life’s little speed bumps get you down.
Moments are not always ideal, but they can always be ADEQUATE.


great in a martini, caesar, or neat

Good? Oh ya, very good! That doesn’t mean we 
need to be all fancy.
Just pour ADEQUATE over ice in your red solo cup, top with soda, add a lime wedge and perfection!
Anyway you like your vodka, ADEQUATE is always enjoyed best in the company of good-hearted people. 
People just like you!

-please enjoy responsibly-


about adequate

ADEQUATE Vodka is made in Red Deer, Alberta. We relentlessly distill our small batch spirit from Canadian Prairie Grains in our rectification column to achieve our remarkably neutral and smooth spirit.
After multiple stages of charcoal filtration, you can count on ADEQUATE to have a pure flavour and aroma profile. A touch of craft provides a nuanced sweetness and velvety texture.
It’s a luxurious, almost creamy, mouth feel when enjoyed neat or as part of your favorite cocktail. We’re sure after your first taste of ADEQUATE you’ll understand why it’s not just Good, it’s Good Enough!

Share your Adequate Moments with us, we would love to see you.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADEQUATE Vodka is distilled from Canadian Prairie Grains.

Yes, our spirit is gluten free. It’s always possible those suffering from celiac diseases and non-celiac gluten sensitivity may react to consuming vodka. We recommend checking with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Yes, we are currently developing a ready-to-drink Adequate, Vodka and soda.  If you have a flavor suggestion, let us know on any of our social media channels.

Good News! we already have a refreshing Gin and soda ready-to-drink option. Check out our Epitaph, Gin & Soda.

We are constantly working with regional liquor distribution boards to bring you all of our ADEQUATE  Vodka products. Currently, each vendor can order from us directly. Ask for us by name with your local retailer and suggest they contact us directly to secure their order. We hope to get them to you soon.

Members of the press and other media please contact us via [email protected]

Have a question? Get in touch.